"Why Am I Not Getting Results?"

Just because an ingredient is scientifically found to treat a certain skin condition does not mean it will treat that condition for you!

It is misconception that, for example, Salicylic Acid is effective on ALL acne skin & breakouts...and yes in my experience I have seen great results using it but equally I have seen great results using certain oils, anti-inflammatories and silicones!!!! Yes silicones or a combination of all of these. 

Time and time again clients being recommended a host of different products including strong actives from day one, when the day before they were either using nothing at all or some skin stripping sodium laurel sulphate cleanser and expecting their skin to be happy when introducing active ingredients to a vulnerable, often inflamed condition.

There is a time and a place for 8-step routines.  Start simple and build up over a period 12 week period for long-term results.

Success is often found starting with the 'less rule' building strength in the skin by supporting the barrier function, hydrating, calming and then once these are in place going on to introduce acids, Retinols and other potent ingredients on low concentrations at the right pH. 

You have to find the right solution for you. Whichever path you decide to choose I recommended you keep consistent without 'product hopping' for minimum of 12 weeks to get a true reading of the effectiveness of your results. 

Love, Noele 


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