Winter Skin

My favourite Moisturiser to take you through the winter season is #hyaluroniccream 

A beautiful textured cream enriched with vital compounds to add volume, and retain moisture from the air, reinforcing the extracellular matrix.

This comforting formula provides defence to the skin barrier from environmental toxins, pollution, reducing inflammation.

Hyaluronic Cream absorbs quickly, infusing the skin with a multi-layered moisture system. A creamy emulsification of hyaluronic acid, squalane, jojoba seed oil, and apricot kernel oil with the unique ability to cater to skin’s individual hydration needs.

This product was created for a client with Rosacea who lives in Boston, USA. Every winter her skin would suffer in the cold climate until we created this product.

Winter Sun

If you are heading for sunnier climates this Winter don’t forget to check you have adapted your skincare to your climate. Add a #holidayrepairserum to your cart to keep your pigmentation in check.

Holiday Repair Serum is a brightening formula using Alpha Arbutin a powerful plant-based botanicals to target the appearance or hyper pigmentation and UV induced age spots and hormonal factors by inhibiting tyrosinase activity to reduce melanin production. Helps to fade discolouration at a surface level.

Climate & your skin

What is the current climate in your environment? 

Whether it's cold and dry, hot and humid or your environment is air conditioned or centrally heated, your climate will affect your skin. Extremes in weather can also exacerbate some existing skin conditions. 

Colder temperatures and low humidity can dry out your skin. Bitterly cold winds can also strip moisture from exposed skin causing sensitivity and even dilated capillaries. 

Warmer climates with heat and humidity can cause your skin to sweat leaving you more prone to breakouts. The heat can also lead to other skin problems.

Both air-conditioning and heating eliminate moisture from your environment depriving your skin of essential water. 

Here are a few of my recommendations:

1. Consuming more WATER will support the temperature changes in your skin.

2. Providing your skin with a concentrated form of HYALURONIC ACID daily will benefit all climate conditions.

3. Selecting a MOISTURISER that suits your climate and environment allowing your skin to be supported and adapt to the atmosphere, reducing negativity and stress.

At One Skin we treat according to lifestyle not skin type!

Love, Noele

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