Why the beauty industry likes keeping you confused

Hands up if you've ever watched a moisturiser ad on TV and felt slightly confused about all the scientific-sounding ingredients that promise you back your youth. Antioxidants, plant extracts, fatty acids, acid concentrations, Retinol...If it's so sophisticated that you don't understand it, then it must work, surely?  

It’s designed to be a baffling, jargon-filled world. If you feel confused about what to choose, if you aren't sure which products actually work, the beauty industry is banking on you buying more.  

Should you go for vegan-friendly and organic? Are you being green-washed? (an attempt to make you believe that the product is doing more to protect the environment than it really is).

To what extent are you subconsciously led by advertising, marketing, packaging, colours, shelf position, brand magnetism or what the A List are advertising?

Does spending more cash really gets you a more effective product?


Why I Educate

I have been in the skincare industry for over 30 years, I have treated literally hundreds of different skins and spent most of my career studying the biology of the skin and the impact that ingredients and lifestyle have on cellular regeneration & health. 

I constantly share my knowledge in my free Facebook group (check out my weekly Live Q&A on Monday at 7pm), by offering 30-minute Skin Discovery Calls as well as more formal one-hour skincare consultations. Many new customers are surprised when I give them their prescription and programme along with a roadmap which works towards optimising your skin.  

I take the guess work out of skincare so that you can buy with confidence and get the results you deserve. When you're buying right, you actually spend less and get better results. I know this and my business is built on customer loyalty!


 Here are a few points I want you to consider: 


1. One Size Does Not Fit All 

Without a doubt there is no one size that fits all. What suits one consumer most definitely won’t suit another. Your skin is as individual as you are. At One Skin we treat by lifestyle not skin type, because I believe that skin type is still too generic (and most of you have no idea what your true skin type is!), and your personal lifestyle – and life stage – is the biggest influence in how your skin should be treated.


2. Is it Safe? 

The subject of contraindications is often being overlooked, these are the health and medical reasons that someone cannot use a product or certain ingredient.

Some of the high concentrations of active ingredients used in readily available brands today causes me concern… Not that I am saying they are bad but they need the correct prescription and advice.

I use all specifically-tailored levels and combinations of active formulations and prescribe a safe personal programme for home use.


3. Mindful Application

You can just buy that cream, slap it on before bed and hope for the best! It’s not just the product you are using that gets the best results but it’s HOW you use it and WHAT you use it with. This isn’t about rushing in. You want to build up the levels of concentration for maximum results over an appropriate duration.  


What are your skin concerns? Ageing, scarring, allergy, keratosis pilaris, hormonal skin, pigmentation and sun damage, pregnancy and postnatal sensitivity, stressed. I cover it all. Hit reply to ask me anything about your skin and I'll do my best to help. Join my free Facebook group if you haven't already and remember you can book in a consultation online at a convenient time. 


Noele x

P.S. I also have a skincare glossary that explains different ingredients you'll find in my skincare range: https://oneskinforlife.com/pages/skincare-glossary