Are you making these 3 skincare mistakes?

Today I wanted to talk to you about these common 3 skincare mistakes that I see all the time with my salon clients and new customers. Are you making these? 

1. Product hopping
Skincare isn't a sprint, it’s a marathon. It takes time to build results. People are eager to see results that they don’t give the products the time they need to work.

Most ingredients work  underground in the skin, e.g; Vitamins C has the ability to stimulate collagen production, as does Vitamin A, yet it takes 12 weeks to build this process.

Constantly switching products will never yield results! 

product hopping

2. Over cleansing oily skin
Attempting to remove excess oil by over cleansing or using harsh cleansers containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or alcohol will only strip the natural protective lipids we need to keep our skin barrier protected from the environment, pollution and bacteria, thus leading to inflammation and dehydration.

When the skin is dried out by over cleansing the sebaceous glands that produce your skin's natural oil (sebum) stimulates more oil, leaving you with a cycle where you are causing your skin to be more sensitive whilst increasing further oil production.

over cleansing

3. Over exfoliating your skin 

Over exfoliating your skin with both chemical (acid based) and physical (granular based) products can lead to a weakened epidermis. Over exfoliation can lead to weakened skin structure, where you are producing thinner, weaker cells as cell production cannot keep up with the demands of the product.

Every time you exfoliate a reaction occurs within the skin to signal new cell production. If these signals are content by over exfoliating the new cells have not have the time they need to form and take on necessary nutrition within its journey to the epidermis (surface)

The result being dull, grey complexion and often leads to redness, inflammation, dehydration and flaky skin. 


I hope you find this useful!

Noele x

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